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Bahamas Shutters

Bahamas Shutters

Not only functional but also attractive for commercial applications such as banks, schools and other institutions.
Plus Bahama shutters offer an upgraded because they are not only attractive but also offer a level of security to your house or building.

Other Benefits:
• Increase the value of your business or home
• Provide privacy without compromising landscape views
• Provide island charm
• Protection from the sun and storms
• Easily adjust to the position you prefer – completely open, partially open, or fully closed

Colonial Shutters

Our Colonial Shutters offer appropriate storm protection with a flair reminiscent to the old south. They are constructed of heavy-duty aluminium that makes them extremely reliable and weatherproof.

Other Benefits:
• Provides years of protection because it becomes a permanent and durable part of any business or house
• Architecturally eye pleasing
• Provides excellent security
• Available in variety of colours
• Easy to operate from the outside

An excellent solar control device very effective at reducing solar heat buildup on windows, porches, garages, and similar areas.

Colonial Shutters

Roll Up Shutters

Roll Up Shutters

We have roll up shutters excellent for family homes, condominium apartments, hospitals, school, and commercial buildings.
This type of shutters sits above your window or door and is easily lowered when storm or hurricane is close. The options of closure can be either thru manual crack, or by a motor.

• The shutters is hiding in a small box that is located above the door or window.
• The equipment is extremely Strong and is considered among the strongest type of hurricane shutter available
• The installation system is the fastest and requires almost no effort.
• The shutters cover completely the opening making it extremely difficult to penetrate

A variety of electronic accessories such as remote controls, light/weather sensors, and timers are offered to customize your shutter system with today’s modern designs.

Also available

ACORDEON SHUTTER = It can be opened and closed as a unit. For larger areas you can have a central opening, so that half of the shutter moves to the right and half to the left.

ARMOR CURTAIN = Designed to withstand even the strongest hurricane winds without rupture and to deflect large and small missiles.

RETRACTABLE AWNINGS = The ideal solution for complete solar control and privacy in your business or home. DOORS AND WINDOWS: Security Windows, Dual Tilt Windows, Combined Windows and Heavy Duty doors.

Retractable Awnings

Acordeon Shutter

Security Doors